Misunderstanding About SEO

SEO is one of the most mistaken and misunderstood terms in the world of marketing.

Let Me Explain How!

Recently I visited a few of our web clients and prospective customers regarding SEO. I found extremely unfortunate about one of the most common questions

“How can I get a top position on Google search results?”
“What are the benefits of SEO for my business?”
“Do I really require to go ahead with SEO for my business website?”
“How does SEO work to earn a good profit?”

It is not uncommon that my customers has already been barraged by telemarketers that promise top search results or guarantee top search listings so I find that it is necessary to roll back a certain amount of what they believe to be true.

I started with the hard truth by explaining how Google works. The promise that Google makes to us as search users are that when you search they are going to do their very best at showing you the most relevant and highest quality information on the web for the phrase you search on. They do a very good job at this which is why we use SEO service.

For most the customers it is hard news to accept the new way of Marketing. The hard news for most of my customers is that their website is not going to get top search results on the most frequently searched terms for their business unless they have quality content. For most of my customers, this means that there is going to be a long and costly road of researching article ideas and relevant search terms, writing custom articles, picking photos and producing a video that communicates their story.

There are dozens and thousands of competitors that are perhaps well ahead of them in this effort and already recognized as the subject authority by Google. Some of the common misunderstandings that I have to help customers “un-learn” are as follows:

Packing a page with keywords is not going to improve search results. In fact, Google may actually penalize your results if they believe you are using spam style techniques.

Customers ask me about “metadata” and while there are a use and importance for metadata and how Google may use this to display site information, it isn’t going to be magic on your search results.

Yes, you can be number one on Google but what does that even mean to you? If your company is “Solar tank Plumbing Repair” and you set up the website with that domain, there is an excellent chance that you will show up as the first listing for that unique search phrase with nearly zero effort. The problem, of course, is new customers won’t know to search for your company name so you want to show up under “Plumber Columbus Company”. That my friend is going to be a long road. So we may help you start out with more winnable terms like “Bangalore City Plumber” if your business is in the suburb of Bangalore City and there are fewer websites with content relevant to that term.

The number one misunderstanding we find is that your “site” does not necessarily have a search result, Google doesn’t list websites, they list web pages. There is a key difference here. Each page of your site can be optimized for a different term and as such, it is the pages that show up in search results. What can be helpful is to do an analysis of your existing website and find out using Google Webmaster Tools – which pages are already showing up in Google results and for which terms. There may already be some traction for some pages on your site that can be taken advantage of to further improve those pages so they perform better. This may include bolstering the content of those pages as well as finding ways to bolster internal and external quality links to them.

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